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KARA: Horrific conditions at the β€œDog Training Center” in Uijeongbu where dogs are abused and left to die
This is the result of emergency medical examination of the rescue dogs from Uijeongbu training center. The rest of the dogs at the center are in urgent need of rescue!
Young dogs who were supposed to be healthy were already going through various diseases. When their dirty fur was shaved, there were signs of skin disease and ticks. The dogs were very thin and weak.
- All 8 of them had skin diseases or mites combined infection
- All 8 of them had anemia, 2 severe anemia requiring blood transfusion
- 7 of them has low antibodies
- 6 of them had heartworms
- Two-year-old Pomerians had patella dislocation
- Pregnant Welsh Cogi needed blood transfusion after C-section (one stillborn, one died after the birth, four babies survived)
The results of the examination clearly show the status of animal care in this training center. In South Korea animal protection law is so weak that we can't stop these people from working in animal related industry. It is a problem that will be solved only when our society enacts and enforces stricter animal protection laws.
Before that, isolation and examination of the rest of the dogs are urgently needed. Help these poor dogs' friends, mothers, or brothers.
We ask for your attention and support for the care and medical treatment of these dogs. It is expected to cost a lot of money to treat the currently rescued eight dogs and their newborn puppies for anemia, nematodes and skin diseases. Since they are big dogs, blood transfusion therapy costs a lot of money. The donations are used transparently and honestly, only for dogs. We will update more about the rescue dogs.
πŸ’™ KARA is funded entirely by donations.
To support & donate to KARA via PayPal, please click this link.
πŸ‘‰ https://www.ekara.org/support/donate
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