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β€œDaegu, End the dog meat industry!
Shut down the slaughterhouses in Chilseong Market!”
β€œEnd the dog meat industry! 
Shut down the slaughterhouses!”
 Can you hear our voices from last year in Daegu?
Last summer, KARA and KAWA shouted going through Chilseong Market in Daegu along with the Daegu Animal Protection Alliance and fellow groups and citizens.
While the rally was passing by Chilseong Market, many citizens and activists were devastated to see dogs displayed alive in the open air in front of the Boshintang(dog meat soup) restaurants. In memory of the slaughtered dogs at the Chilseong Dog Market, we held chrysanthemums in one hand and pickets in the other. 
The rally started from Chilseong Market, all the way through downtown Daegu and ended in front of Daegu City Hall.  To the citizens of Daegu, to the mayor of Daegu, we shouted out our slogans with all our heart. β€œEnd the dog meat industry! Shut down the slaughterhouses!”
Summer of 2020, Daegu has not changed.
We are going back to Daegu.  Starting with a press conference in front of Daegu City Hall on July 6, one-man relay protests will be held from July 6 to August 14 to urge the shutdown of Daegu Chilseong β€˜Dog Meat’ Market.  
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