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Let's petition the South Korea's Provincial governments today!
The e-People petition is the South Korean government’s official petition site and your petition will receive a response from the Korean government. Anyone from all countries can file a petition using the e-People petition.  
πŸ“Œ It's quite simple to file e-People petitions, but you can find help on (1) how to file e-People petition and (2) how to check the status of your e-People petitions on our website. 
🐢🐱 Please help save millions of Korean animals from horrific cruelty by taking this action today.  πŸ™ Click below Take Action buttons to file e-People petitions for each cities in South Korea. Click HERE to see the list of cities we are campaigning.
πŸ“Œ Please note:  After the review of responses to your e-People petition, take the β€œsatisfaction survey on petition handling process”.
The responses they offer are simply excuses, the most common being that they need "social consensus" to end the dog meat trade. They are unwilling to do anything about this abhorrent practice. Please let them know that Korean citizens are tired of having to carry the burden of being the only industrialized nation in the world that still supports this cruel and unethical industry, and that social consensus has already been reached; citizens of Korea want to end the dog and cat meat trade!
Be sure to indicate that you are not satisfied with their response and that your issue has not been resolved.
 KARA: 5 Dogs rescued from being slaughtered at a dog meat restaurant in Yeoju
We got a citizen report that dogs are secretly being killed for 'dog meat' at a restaurant in Yeoju.  πŸ’™KARA rescued all five dogs. πŸ’™

At the restaurant, there were plucking machines and equipments, and large pots. Next to them were young dogs. There was rotting food waste in front of the dogs, and the dogs were shaking with fear.

KARA persuaded the owner to give up the ownerships of all of the dogs. It was not easy, as the owner kept changing his mind, and said he would now take good care of the dogs. But the safety of the dogs couldn't be secured if the equipments were still there.
The dogs panicked as people approached, but they couldn't go far because of their short leash. Activists gave time to the dogs, and slowly took them into the moving crates.
The dogs did not vomit or defecate in the long five-hour journey from Yeosu to Paju The Bom Centre. Maybe it's because they haven't eaten much.
The dogs, who didn't even make a single whine during the travel, are now being cared at isolation rooms at The Bom Center. On the first day and the next day of rescue, the dogs didn't drink water or eat in front of people, but now they are slowly getting stable.
The dogs are named Odong, Dolsan, Nangdo, Lucky, and Day. The Bom Center is taking care of them with affection to treat their physical and psychological trauma.
We are happy to give new lives to five dogs, but It is our sad reality that we cannot be satisfied with the rescue of several dogs. We ask for your strong support for all the journey to the end of 'dog meat' industry. 
πŸ’™ KARA is funded entirely by donations.
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