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β€œI didn't really believe that those e-People petitions were taken seriously enough. But now that I see how much of a difference they make, I will surely file more,”, said Maria, one of our dedicated supporters. What changed her mind? Maria received a response regarding an e-People petition she had filed regarding the illegal dog slaughterhouse in Chuncheon.
πŸ‘‰ Click HERE to learn more about this case.
πŸ‘‰ Click HERE for the Chuncheon’s response regarding this case.
As a result of the investigation and campaign by Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA), along with the e-People petitions submitted by supporters around the world, the city of Chuncheon will not only bring charges against this dog slaughterhouse but they will also try to close down all dog slaughterhouses they have identified in their city and work towards declaring Chuncheon a β€œDog Slaughterhouse Free City” in 2021!!!
Your voice πŸ“£ does matter, and you are saving lives. 
Please, don't wait another minute; file the e-People petitions TODAY! πŸ–₯️
The e-People petition is the South Korean government’s official petition site and your petition will receive a response from the Korean government. Anyone from all countries can file a petition using the e-People petition.  It's quite simple to file e-People petitions, but you can find help on (1) how to file e-People petition and (2) how to check the status of your e-People petitions on our website.
🐢🐱 Please help save millions of Korean animals from horrific cruelty by taking this action today.  Click HERE to see the list of cities we are campaigning.
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🐾 UPDATES and Call for Action πŸ“£
from the Incheon Lotte Dog Farm! πŸ•
More updates from Lotte Dog Farm in Gyeyang Mountain, Incheon.
πŸ‘‰ Click HERE for the previous post about this dog farm rescue.
It's getting very cold in South Korea; today the temperature is 5 Celsius (41 Fahrenheit).🌨️ It's especially bitter in the mountain region, where the dogs of the Lotte Dog Farm are kept.⛰️ Volunteers worked hard to repair the wire cages on another part of the farm where the dogs can temporarily stay, and this weekend the volunteers are hard at work moving them. Next week, the old wire cages will be demolished.
While the dogs were saved from being slaughtered, neither the land owner, Lotte, a large conglomerate in South Korea that allowed this dog farm to operate on their land for many years, nor the city of Incheon, is willing to offer any help to provide for these dogs. Moreover, the rescuers are burdened with having to pay the penalty imposed by the Gyeyang-gu District (city of Incheon) for not removing the dogs from the premises. 
This is a sad reality in South Korea.😒🐾 Dogs rescued in large groups are not offered even temporary shelter by the government. That is why these animals so desperately need your support. Won't you please donate whatever you can so the volunteers can continue their effort to care for as many of these poor dogs as possible? We, and those dogs, thank you for your caring and generosity!! πŸ™  CARE is collecting donations on behalf of the volunteer group. Please indicate β€œHelp Lotte Gyeyang Mountain dog farm dogs” in your donation. Thank you so much for caring! πŸΆπŸ™πŸ•
πŸ‘‰ Click HERE to learn more and see photos and videos.
πŸ‘‰ Click HERE for the updates from the Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm.
βœ… Note: We have added email addresses of  the Incheon Metropolitan Council members to Call for Action #3.  Please take actions. πŸ‘
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